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Continuous improvement with updated engineering techniques is our key factor of success. We receive recent designing and testing tools to make our range of pulleys endure with different industrial applications. We made and offer great range of products for varied industrial applications like Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Machinery, Textile Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Paper Machinery, Milling Machine and Food Processing Machinery. Adaptation and employment of latest tools have help us most to cut down production cost and provide such range with industry leading prices.

RAJENDRA PULLEY PEDESTAL CENTER is a well equipped engineering firm that is engaged in manufacturing of finest quality timing belt pulley. With technical excellence, we have designed large range of timing belt pulleys with diverse configurations. Our offered range of products is built from best quality raw material obtained from unswerving source. We make use of GCI 15, GCI 20, GCI 25, SG 500/7 and SG 400/2, SG 700/2, SG 600/3, SG 500/7 and SG 400/2.


Timing Pulley Manufacturer

We possess most modern amenities for fabrication. Our product series is built with proper utilization of dynamic balancing and complete bore key. We convert our fabrication ability to product quality. Along with such matchless ability we follow international norms and methods for the fabrication of such range of pulleys. Our offered range is constructed with pursuing global standard like ISO 3142, ISO 4183, DIN 2211 and other relevant standard.

It is precisely engineered with precise bore size and screw hole, it performs best for the continuous speed and flexibility for operation. It is built to provide higher efficiency for power consumption. It is specially designed to offer proper elimination of skipping and slipping even for varied speed options. It is highly preferred for a lot of industrial applications for its proven features like dynamic balancing, durability and least maintenance.

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